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Web Portal


Multi-user software

Numerous users with immediate access at high speed connect to software simultaneously

Real-time software

Changes made by multiple users are made immediately in real-time and can be viewed by other users

Software integration

Integrated mobile applications and web-based programs connected to other existing business software such as an accounting system


Automating business processes and streamlining workflow combined with real-time interconnection to clients
Imagine the Best
Get help from LogicAide to make a list of all the cool and helpful features that you want to provide to your online customers.
We dive into how the company works to develop a tailored, custom website to suit your business needs for now and in the future.
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Let LogicAide design and develop your web portal to automate the online sales of your services and products.
Enjoy the service of our highly capable developers and designers who deliver results using the most advanced programming technologies.
Grow the Business
Launch the new web portal and add new features and services as your business grows to stay ahead of the competition.
Your support calls will be picked up by a knowledgeable person in the U.S. during work hours. No waiting, and no tedious phone menus.
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The Best Solutions for
Agencies and Business Companies

A fast, responsive, and smart web portal is the differentiating factor between major online business names and the ones that don’t exist anymore. With LogicAide, you can develop a web portal that can provide service to an unlimited number of users simultaneously without interruption and compromising connection speed. You can automate your sales and admin processes to eliminate human errors and cut on the delivery time.

Most administrative tasks performed by a business staff can be simplified and automated using a web portal. A well-designed smart web portal can eliminate inter-department gaps and diminish human errors in many areas such as accounting, order processing, shipping, inventory, maintenance schedules, service reminders, work orders, etc.

Any business that interacts with customers and clients will benefit from an online customer account system. Let LogicAide design and implement a web portal for your business where your clients can continuously benefit from your services, download or upload documents, place orders and inquiries, customize products, participate in training sessions, modify shipping and billing information, track packages, and numerous other tasks.
Although several free resources are available for online communication, they cannot guarantee a secured system where all your business information remains confidential, and not viewed or used by other systems. LogicAide can develop image, voice, and text communication systems with ultimate security for your business staff to exchange information and communicate without risking the security and confidentiality of your information.

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Automate selling your products and services

A well-designed web portal will drastically improve the user experience on your website which is a key element to a modern business. This technology enables building a strong network with the users of your website to interconnect, place orders, exchange information, download documents, customize parts, and essentially perform any task that can be automated. Any business that works with multiple clients can benefit from a web portal by improving customer service, reducing lead times, reducing process costs, and improving marketing efforts to introduce relevant products.

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What makes LogicAide services different

Creating an excellent user experience tailored for your specific market and services.
Fully designed and developed in the United States with long-term support for improvements and expansions.
Using latest technologies to develop appealing web portals with a high response rate for any number of users.
Friendly support and development teams in the United States, available to talk to at any time during work hours.
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A team effort with the client to analyze the web portal features and functions, discuss user base, and integration with other automation systems.


Design and approval of relationships structure, graphics, database, and finalizing workflow.


Software development, installation on a web server, and implementation of user interactions.


Continuous all-inclusive support on technical matters, portal iterations, adding services, training, user management, etc.

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Are you looking for trusted experts, who are ready to get an insight into your business needs? Here we are with our comprehensive services!