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Turnkey business software solutions with continuous support

CRM setup and implementation

Integration of CRM and ERP with existing accounting & marketing

Business Solutions

Expansion or modifications to CRM systems

ERP system
setup and implementation

Custom data management solutions

Start by listing your wants and needs and imagine how your business will look like after implementing the new software.
Remember, your business shouldn't change to be able to use a software package. The software should adapt to your business.
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Work with LogicAide to choose the right software and let our reliable experts structure it for your future expansion plan.
We dive into how your company works to develop dedicated, tailored solutions to suit your business needs.
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Let the software work for your business and stay in touch with LogicAide for continuous support.
Your support calls will be picked up by a knowledgeable person in the U.S. during work hours. No waiting, and no tedious phone menus.

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The Best Enterprise Software Solutions!

Implementing customer relationship management (CRM) software such as Salesforce, Method, Zoho, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, and Act!
Setting up Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software such as SAP Business One, Microsoft Dynamics ERP.

In some cases, your existing business enterprise software can be integrated or synchronized to your company’s digital infrastructure such as an accounting system. LogicAide engineers can even develop programs to make the integration possible if needed.
The efficiency and performance of your sales team are greatly tied to how your accounting software and inventory management systems are set up. Get help from a professional team with business growth in mind to implement your accounting system correctly.
Setup and implementation of various Microsoft Dynamics suites such as 365 for Finance and Operations, NAV, GP, SL.
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LogicAide can always make it better!

If you have decided to use a generic software package that already satisfies all of your requirements, the success of your project will greatly depend on the implementation and initial setup of the software. Even generic enterprise software solutions can be customized to better fit your needs. Since the LogicAide team has developed large-scale software, they are well familiar with the structure and flow of such programs. You can use this expertise to perform a successful setup of your new software package and ensure that it will keep being beneficial to you in the long run.

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What makes LogicAide software services different
Friendly support and development teams in the United States, available to talk to at any time during work hours.
An experienced and reliable team capable of implementing small and large-scale business enterprise software.
Fully designed and implemented in the United States with long-term support for future improvements.
Business-oriented solutions to maximize profit and release the full potential of your new business software.
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A team effort with the client to determine the expectations, required features and functions, future expansion possibilities, for the client’s specific business environment.


Identify and approval of the software that best fits the client’s requirements. Customize the enterprise software for best performance and optimized workflow throughout the business.


Final implementation of the software and integration to the existing digital infrastructure of the client’s business. Software launch and training of staff for rapid adaptation.


Continuous all-inclusive support on technical matters, software iterations, customizations, integrations, training, user management, etc.

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Are you looking for trusted experts, who are ready to get an insight into your business needs? Here we are with our comprehensive services!