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Data security and privacy protection

Cloud server setup, configuration, and maintenance

Cloud-based software configuration, and continuous support

Database design and data management

Web-based programming and data management software

Data transfer, system migration, and system integration

Start with listing your wants and needs. Imagine how your business will look like after switching to a cloud-based system.
Remember, this will be a huge transformation and can open the door to many new possibilities.
Call LogicAide
LogicAide will develop a plan for setting up your new cloud-based system and migrating your existing data over.
LogicAide's development team will provide custom software, if needed, to improve the performance and serviceability of your new system.
Enjoy the Benefits
Let your cloud-based system work for your business 24/7 from anywhere and let everybody stay connected.
Your support calls will be picked up by a knowledgeable person in the U.S. during work hours. No waiting, and no tedious phone menus.
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The Solutions that
Cloud Computing Offers for Businesses

Switching to a cloud server with the right design and data structure for a business transforms its effectiveness and profitability. Cloud servers offer unmatched flexibility, mobility, data security, collaborative possibilities, consistency, cost savings, and many more advantages for your businesses which are all easily achievable by teaming up with LogicAide.

Web-based programs that use cloud hosting offer high flexibility in collaborative systems and peace of mind for businesses with the high level of data security that they offer. LogicAide specializes in cloud data structure design and management as well as web-based software development.

LogicAide is ready to help you with projects involving big data which are generated at high velocity with high volumes such as the data generated from a social media platform, or multi-user collaboration software with a high number of users.

Cloud servers provide the best backup and recovery options for your business data regardless of the type of server that you are using. For any scenario, from accidentally overwriting a sensitive file to a full-scale server loss in a natural disaster, cloud-based data backup systems offer the easiest and fastest solution to restore your data and lower the downtime.

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Starting with App is Easier Than Anything!

When you team up with LogicAide on developing a web-based program, you will receive all the services needed for the setup and management of the system in one package. The system will be tailored for the specific needs and applications of your business and we will ensure that the setup is capable of accommodating the future expansions that you might have in mind for your business.

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What makes LogicAide cloud services different
Secured data transfer, data storage, and privacy protection using the most advanced protocols.
Friendly support and development teams in the United States, available to talk to at any time during work hours.
An experienced and reliable team capable of implementing small and large-scale cloud-based systems.
Fully designed and developed in the United States with long-term support for expansions and improvements.
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A team effort with the client to determine the expectations, data structure, and future expansion possibilities for the client’s specific business environment.


Design and approval of data organization system, relationships structure, user capabilities, and security protocols.


Setting up the cloud-based system and migrating over the existing data and software programs. Also, developing custom software predicted in the initial design.


Continuous all-inclusive support on technical matters, database modifications, adding services, training, user management, etc.

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Are you looking for trusted experts, who are ready to get an insight into your business needs? Here we are with our comprehensive services!