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Web Applications


Multi-user software

Multiple users with access to internet can connect to software simultaneously

Software as a service (SaaS)

Software structured as a subscription basis and users pay based on the predefined plans

Real-time software

Changes made by multiple users are made immediately in real-time and can be viewed by other users

Platform as a service (PaaS)

cloud services that provide a platform allowing customers to develop and manage applications without the need to maintain infrastructure associated with developing an app
Develop Your Idea
Team up with LogicAide to turn that initial spark into a full design that best fits your business and customer base.
We dive into how the company works to develop dedicated, tailored solutions to suit your business needs.
Order the Software
Let LogicAide develop web-based software that enables you to reach customers and clients anywhere in the world 24/7.
Enjoy the service of our highly capable developers and designers who deliver results using the most advanced development technologies.
Grow the Business
Lunch the software to your global users or let it automate your business processes to open your employees' time.
Your support calls will be picked up by a knowledgeable person in the U.S. during work hours. No waiting, and no tedious phone menus.

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Manage your business from anywhere

with a custom web application!

If designed and implemented right, an online store can dramatically improve your business visibility and customer reach. LogicAide provides the latest software technologies to provide an excellent user experience and highly responsive online stores which are the key elements in the success of your business.

Automate your order processing system and keep in contact with your customers through a customized online customer portal developed by LogicAide. Such a program can make your business accessible to your customers 24/7 and save a significant amount of time from your staff doing routine tasks.

If you have a banking, insurance, or finance business where security and confidentiality are of utmost importance in your communications with your clients, a highly secure online customer portal is a necessity. LogicAide is capable of developing highly secured online programs which can protect your communications and assets, and in the meantime, facilitate user-friendly and high-speed service for your customers.

Online systems with a high number of simultaneous users need much higher programming technologies than regular online applications. LogicAide engineering team can develop such systems which can handle millions of requests simultaneously without compromising user experience or communication speed. Examples of such web based applications are large chat rooms, conference call and seminar applications, and exchange markets.

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Unleash the Power of Internet for your Business

Take advantage of the internet and make it work for your business with a LogicAide custom web applications. Trillions of dollars have been invested in developing the World Wide Web around the globe and it is by far the most powerful tool developed by humans. LogicAide specializes in developing web based applications, customized for your business and process, to channel the power of the internet into easy-to-use tools which simplify your processes, bring in new leads, lower your administrative overhead cost, and help provide better services to your customers.

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What makes LogicAide web applications different

Excellent development team capable of implementing small and large-scale web-based projects.
Fully designed and developed in the United States with long-term support for improvements and expansions.
Developed to the latest security standards and on the most advanced technological platforms.
Friendly support and development teams in the United States, available to talk to at any time during work hours.
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A team effort with the client to analyze software features and functions, discuss user base, and platforms needed to implement the project


Design and approval of relationships structure, graphics, database, and finalizing workflow.


Web application development, installation on web-based platforms, and implementation of user interactions.


Continuous all-inclusive support on technical matters, software iterations, adding services, training, user management, etc.

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Are you looking for trusted experts, who are ready to get an insight into your business needs? Here we are with our comprehensive services!